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formating my hard drive

By kliente59 ·
hi, guys few months ago a my pc is been infected with virus and now is not working properly
i think the best idea is to format my hd
please send me some steps on how to format my hd
i'm currently runing windows me
thank you

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by adamjedgar In reply to formating my hard drive

Sometimes reformatting a HDD is not necessarily the best option. You will need to re-install all the software and applications as well as backup to disk or cd all of your personal document files etc. Also don't forget, any drivers which you have on the pc currently will need to be reinstalled, providing you still have the original copies. In my experience reformatting a HDD is rather easy, you should find all you need to know within ME's help files.

I would advise a couple of alternative courses of action prior to a reformat. First, try to run Microsofts own system utilities to repair any disk or system errors. Second, if you have access to Norton's System Works 2002 i would strongly advise you give it's utilities package a go. Third, install and keep up to date a well known virus program (such as Norton anti-virus) and have this program set to run in the background at all times. Finally, in future you should ensure that your utilities programs for disk recovery, and system repair, are permanently installed on your PC. The reason for this, the utilities software can make a copy of your system registry in the event that it needs to perform a recovery operation.

One thing i have found which i don't like with Norton utilities is the "GoBack" program. I have found this to be more of a hinderance than a help, however all other utilities programs in the System Works 2002 pack are of excellent value at approx $130 Australian.

hope i have been of help


Adam Edgar TAS dept-Davidson High School, NSW Australia

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