Formatting an ENTIRE hard drive

By mannee ·
The properties of my external hard drive show a larger capacity then when I view it in Disk Management. How can I format the ENTIRE hard drive? When I format it, it only give me the option to format the lesser of the 2. And even booting up with a Windows cd, it only shows the the lesser of the 2 amounts to create a partition for.

If anybody knows if this has been discussed elsewhere on this site, you may just supply me with the link.

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Decimal Versus Binary Bytes

by TheChas In reply to Formatting an ENTIRE hard ...

The difference has to do with Decimal versus Binary bytes.

It is the same reason that Windows shows a smaller capacity for a hard drive than what the drive manufacture specifies.

Each GB of a hard drive is 1,073,741,824 decimal bytes.

If you multiply the size that Disk Manager shows for your drive in GB by 1,073,741,824, you should get a number very close to the number of Bytes that are shown for the drive under properties.


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Formatting an ENTIRE hard drive

by ab1986b In reply to Formatting an ENTIRE hard ...

I will suggest here to use the disk managment known as DM of Seagate, to do low level formatting.

Refer the links below to get these:



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