Formatting an exterior hard drive

By quark ·
My PC insists that the exterior USB hard drive is my main (Primary) drive and refuses to allow me to format (NTFS) it.

I've been to right-click My Computer>Manage>Storage>Disk Management>Format and a dialog box tells me, no boy, not possible, the (exterior) hard drive is the primary drive and is being used by the system. (OS is XP Home SP3.)

The exterior drive contains backups from a former system. I now need to backup my newly installed system.

Can anyone help please?

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A few possibilities ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Formatting an exterior ha ...

#1 If you still have the old system - it alone will allow you to format this external 'backup' drive, because it belongs to that system.

#2 Get hold of a Live Linux CD, boot from it and then use that system to format this external hard drive.

#3 Download and burn the Ultimate Boot CD.


Boot from it and you will find that it has many hard drive utilities onboard - this will give the opportunity to format the external hard drive.

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Formatting an exterior hard drive

by quark In reply to A few possibilities ...

Thank you OM - trouble is I canna understand what you are saying to me - could you please reply in English and not in Greek? No, I don't know enough to do what you suggest. But I do thank you for the reply!

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Formatting an exterior ha ...

your System without having the external drive connected. When the System is up and running connect the drive and follow these steps.


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Jacky, please stop anticipating my responses

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Boot

I'm loosing count of the number of times you get in just before I do.

Keep up the good work.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Jacky, please stop antici ...

it happens to me as well. I never let an opportunity go by if I can get someone to use DiskPart.

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