Formatting boot drive with Win xp & Win 2000

By dfahey ·
I would like to wipe the above drive. Reformat it but I cannot do it from disk Management in Win XP or Win 2000. I also need to know how I can access the BIOS to change the boot order. Can anyone help

Thank you

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Several things

by Dumphrey In reply to Formatting boot drive wit ...

we would need to know: what type of computer is it? Usually you press f1, f2, or delete on boot to enter the BIOS. To format a hard disk you need to boot from a cd or floppy that has fdisk or a related program on the disk. I dont know any format utilities that let you format an active disk. Are you going to be reinstalling an OS? If so, you should be able to repartition/format using the OS install disk. Another option is GDISK on a norton ghost 2003 cd, qtparted live cd(free linux download), DBAN will let you wipe the disk, a real Win98 boot disk has fdisk, but wont format NTFS. If you can let me know what you are after in the long run I can help you better.

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wipe hard drive

by dfahey In reply to Several things

Thanks for your reply, it was very informative. What I want to do is only have XP on this PC. So I thought that the best way would be to completely wipe the hard drive and start again. The PC is 3 years old. Im not near it at the moment so I can't tell you exactly what type it is.

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on the first screen

by Jesus_C In reply to Formatting boot drive wit ...

press f2 or del (try both).Change the boot options by setting the primary boot device to cd-rom.Press f10 to save and exit and restart you computer

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by dfahey In reply to on the first screen

Thanks for the info - will try that.

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by Dumphrey In reply to Thanks

you boot off of the Win Xp cd, it will walk you through the install process. At one point it will ask you what disk you want to install on to: it will give you an option to delete and crreate a new partition (do this even if using the whole disk as a partition) then format the partition/disk in ntfs full, not quick, this will force the OS to do a more thurough check of ther HD and will give you an upgraded version of NTFS over what 2000 used.

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