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formatting c drive

By babyal28 ·
i want to clean up my c drive, i have a boot disk and at the A i type cd C: and it comes back saying "invalid drive specified". i can still access my c drive with no problems i just want to clean it up. i am using windows xp home.

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If the drive

by zlitocook In reply to formatting c drive

Has the ntfs file system DOS will not see it. Are you going to format the drive or are you just wanting to remove unneeded files or programs? If you want to format it and do a clean install, boot to the XP cd and follow the prompts. If you are trying to just clean up the computer, click on start, all programs, accessories, system tools and then disk cleanup. Select all the check boxes and ok. Then do a defrag.
If you want to remove programs do it from the control panel, add/remove programs.

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Saving files before reformatting

by SoutherTeck In reply to If the drive

I know this sound so simply but is there a way to save all of the files that I want to keep in one sweep before doing reformatting my C drive?

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Assumes that you have palce to put them

by Tig2 In reply to Saving files before refor ...

Flash drive or CD burner. I don't know how your file structure is laid out so I will assume that you name things without a naming standard. Open each folder that contains data you want to save. Holding down the Shift key, select all the files you want to save. Copy/Paste the entire selection to the destination drive.

Do please check to see that all the files you wish to save have copied successfully before proceeding with your format. I've lost a few things by not making that last check.

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If you mean clean up as start again

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to formatting c drive

copy fdisk on to the boot cd, boot, run fdisk and delete the partition, When you install a new OS it will create the partitions it requires and then format them

To change to the C drive from A , all you type is C:
CD is change directory within a drive.

If you want to format C then you don't need to change drives.

If C is a dos partition then
Format c: from the a drive will do the job.

As Zlito mentioned unless you want to wipe out everything C including your XP Home , do not do this.

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