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Formatting G And F drive shows error

By mili_sankar ·
hello friends
i am in a serious trouble. I don't know wht happened to my system. One day while booting it showed a message like F and G drives are locked and they couldnot be scan checked. And showed My dektop.
Then i opened mycomputer . It shows everydetails except the information about G and F drive
I opened F and G drive. Then it opened .and i could open all my files.
But i decided to format G and F drive . so i move all files from both of them.
And start formating. Then it shows only 9 % is completed. and the disk is either locked are some error has occured.
I don't know what to do please help me..

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Formatting G And F drive ...


As you have already moved your data off your drives you can breath a little easier.

I don't know what state your drive(s) will be in because the format did not finish. However, I would try the following:

See if you can run a disk diagnostic utility provided by the drive manufacturer. If the utility will not run then you should try deleting all partitions on the drive, then repartition them using FDISK.

To use Fdisk, you need to create a bootable floppy, turn your computer off, insert the floppy, reboot, then when the A:>prompt appears type Fdisk. Remove all partitions from your G and F drives, then establish new partitions, reboot with the floppy still in the drive, then use the format command to format each partition so that Windows can recognise it.

Remember, type Format G: and Format F: when you use these commands so that you do not format the C: drive by mistake!

If you can get your drives repartitioned and reformatted, then you should run some dignostic programs to make sure your disks are OK, maybe even think about replacing them so this does not happen again. Whatever you do, make sure you have backups of your data.

If you have problems reject this answer and say what the problem is.

Good luck

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by mendenhallre In reply to Formatting G And F drive ...

Are you trying to do this in windows or DOS

1) you may have errors on that drive you should run scandisk. Personally I would boot into DOS and run chkdsk on those partitions.

2) If your chkdsk did not find any errors, and you were trying to format the drives while running windows. May be some windows system files exist on those partiontion. You should have no problem formatting from DOS; however if system files exist then your system may not function at all without reinstalling the OS.

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by tosh74 In reply to Formatting G And F drive ...

Make sure that your swap file (virtual memory) is not on one of these drives

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