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Formatting Hard drive with Windows ME

By Vollie6 ·
I have a COMPAQ presario that is continually locking up and refuses to work with my modem. I want to format the hard drive and reinstall my OS, however, I can't get to MSDOS. If I go Start, Programs, MSDOS it says C:\WINDOWS. I try to change it to just "C" but it won't work. I've tried typing "format c:" and it tells me it can't do it cause Windows is in use.

Any ideas?

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heres what to do

by James Goerke In reply to Formatting Hard drive wit ...

First off, you cant format the hard drive while windows is running. You will need to make yourself a starup disk. It's in the Add/Remove programs section I believe. However, I recommend a windows 98 starup disk because it loads CD-ROM Drivers from DOS and you can use it to load windows again. BTW, I would burn your ME and get something better, like 2000 or XP. Im serious on that... Anyways, if you cant get to a windows 98 machine to make a startup disk (in the add/remove programs section)then you can get it off my website (below). Ok, now you have your startup disk, stick it in and reboot. Now, when you get that fancy A: then stick in your ME CD and run c: from the CD. This will format... And that's all you asked for so enjoy.

James Goerke
TheGeex Technologies
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Thanks James

by Vollie6 In reply to heres what to do

Thank you. I've downloaded the Win98 start up disk and will try this tonite.

Again, thanks

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by Vollie6 In reply to Thanks James

I formatted the hard drive with no problem, however, now when I try to install the OS it locks up at a: I change it to my CD ROM and it won't do anything. Last time in formatted a hard drive I didn't have any problems.

What could be wrong? I need to reinstall the OS on this PC asap.


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Boot from CD

by vico In reply to Help

Change your BIOS boot sequence to boot from CD and insert your ME, 2000 or XP CD in the cdrom drive and reboot.

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by Vollie6 In reply to Boot from CD

The bios in the COMPAQ Presario are different than normal. It doesn't offer me the bios at all. It takes me to the settings but doesn't offer me the option to change the bios. Any ideas on this?

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by TheChas In reply to Bios


You are not looking to change the BIOS, but the BIOS settings.

Specifically, you want to change the BOOT order or sequence so that either the CD drive or the floppy drive is first.


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All name brand computers

by zlitocook In reply to Formatting Hard drive wit ...

Have a way to get into the bios. It could be hold down the del, esc, F10 key as it boots up it may tell you. But it time it is shown may be 3 seconds or none. Go to compaqs web site and look for bios or how to use the bios. Do you have a restore cd or the software cd that says Microsoft? Try putting in the cd and rebooting, if loads follow the directions.

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