Formatting in Excel 2003

By cheslerc ·
I have a template that has fixed width columns for my data. Column A is populated with text and is set to wrap. In some cases, Excel adds an extra line to the text. It's as if Excel is anticipating that IF the cell had one more character it would need to wrap again. The template is used to create 12 worksheets within 254 workbooks. The extra line is appearing in multiple places on the output - so I can't predict that a specific cell will have the extra line. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Check for spaces after the text.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Formatting in Excel 2003

Click inside one of the cells that has what appears to be an extra line, then click to the far right side of the forumala bar. If the cursor position idicates there is at least one space after all of the text in that cell, there's your culprit.

Of course, you'll need to check each and every wrapped cell. There's no shortcut to do it.


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No spaces after text

by cheslerc In reply to Check for spaces after th ...

Already looked for additional spaces in the source text - there are none. I'll have to go back to the output docs created by the template and see if an extra space is in THAT text.

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Check for period

by rkinnett12002 In reply to Formatting in Excel 2003

Late response, but in case anyone else runs across this post:

A period at the end of a text cell seems to cause that obnoxious extra line. Other people say it has to do with TrueType fonts; not the case for me in '07Pro, VistaHome.


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