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Formatting text fields withing fields

By misscrf ·
I have users working with an XP Access database that holds biographies of people. The different fields hold things like education, full bios, activities, etc.

For example, the full bios needs to be able to be formatted for each record individually. I.E. My bios has text that say 'I went to college' and we want that underlined. It also has text further on in that same field that says 'I have two cats' which we want italicized. For another person's record the field with have completely different text and require different formatting.

What I am looking for is the best possible solution. This may be HTMl coding in the field, it may be mail merge ( but that will probably require a lot of manual work and the goal is to keep the data maintained in the database), there may be other solutions. Got any?

Can html coding work in an Access field to an Access report, are there any other ways to accomplish this?

Thanks all!

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by Master Lee In reply to Formatting text fields wi ...

Tough question there, however the only way I see that this can be accomplished is to manually highlight the text that you want to format and select the font that you want to use.

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by misscrf In reply to

You cannot highlight part of a record and format it in Access. You can only format the whole field, which formats the same for all records. This needs to be individual formatting with in each record and different formatting within the record it self.... re-read the biography examples I posted again. They are showing examples of 2 records, and their different needs.

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by BobHo In reply to Formatting text fields wi ...

If you want formatted text you should be using a memo field and not a text field. Memo fields allow RTF formatting; text fields do not.



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by misscrf In reply to

Yes, that is the best answer I have heard. The problem is that it seems to still only show the field formatted as the field is formatted as a whole. In any event, I have convinced the users to simply break up the biographies into single word files, in one directory. It will save a huge headache if they just maintain them individually.

If there is a product out there that is meant for maintaining large amounts of resumes/biographies, I would be interested to know.

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by misscrf In reply to Formatting text fields wi ...

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