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Formatting XML Doc for Excel 2000

By talkingstone ·
I have an open question on Microsoft's developer site but have gotten no response so we'll have a go on this list but I think they haven't a clue.

What I need to learn is how do I format an XML document to have multiple worksheets in Excel?

Note that I have been through everything I could find on this topic from Microsofts website and so far, the xml code does not work for me.

Thanks in advance!

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Formatting XML Doc for Excel 2000

by nikki96 In reply to Formatting XML Doc for Ex ...

Excel can save as XML (and does if you choose "save as webpage"). Make a small multi-page book. Save it as a web page and choose to save the whole book. You'll get multi-page XML if you have any formatting in the document (color, font, etc).
Check out the source code to that and duplicate it, changing what you need to change.


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Formatting XML Doc for Excel 2000

by talkingstone In reply to Formatting XML Doc for Ex ...

Hello Nikki,

Well, you have a good suggestion but I have tried this and the result is not multiple worksheets but multiple files which I'm sure you are aware.

The exported pseudo xml(html) points to remote files. I need all the worksheets and data to remain in a single file. According to spec this is possible but I have yet to successfully implement it.

Thanks for your help!

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