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Former Employer Might Hurt My Career

By naiive ·
My dedication to improve processes and make my workplace a better operation earned me the ire of my supervisors and got me fired. Now, I've heard rumors abound (some are REALLY awful), and I am afraid that these ill-meaning people will ruin my future. I would not even dignify these rumors by re-stirring the pot and contacting anyone of position back there, but when it comes to future employment, what can I do? What recourse do people like me have against potential slander and libel, when we just want to walk away dignified and continue with life?

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Not much

by BrianHarris In reply to Former Employer Might Hur ...

You don't really have a case against them unless you can prove they are doing something to hurt your career. More than likely the rumor is just meant to give you grief. Just let it go and move on. If you are particularly troubled, try moving to acompany that is completely unrelated.

Also, a pretty good book to read is "Games Bosses Play" by Russell Wild. Take some of it with a grain of salt, but you'll see that bosses play a lot of games because they are insecure with their own performance. If they are so insecure that they have to mess with your career now that you're gone, they have more to fear than you do.

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Thank You

by naiive In reply to Not much

Mr Harris,

Thank you. I am getting the book per your advice. I've heard of it before, and had planned to look it up.

I appreciate the constructive reinforcement.

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Dont' worry

by danuta In reply to Former Employer Might Hur ...

Dont' worry.
The bosses have a lot of work to do, too much to take care of former employees. Make a fresh start and remember for your life - you don't win a fight with your boss, almost never. So if you feel, the boss doesn't trust you any more, first try to clarify, then move on.

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