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    Forms Based Authentication – I broke it


    by zhollenbeak ·

    In attempting to resolve a security issue reported in the Event Log, I disabled Integrated Windows security on the front end Exchange 2003 server(per an MS KB article) and replicated to all Child Nodes when prompted.
    OWA completely died, Page could not be displayed error.
    At one point in troubleshooting, FBA was disabled.
    I got OWA back up by following another KB article I found about enabling UPN authentication by using a “\” instead of Domain Name. However, all the permissions on the virtual directories are now fouled up and any attempts to enable FBA yeild an error 440 Login Timeout after entering the login credentials. Yes, SSL is enabled.
    I have OWA kind of functional now. You have to authenticate twice (I assume one for front end, other for back end server).
    I am new to this company and never worked with Exchange Server 2003 (or any ExchSvr for that matter) before. The Sys admin quit and now it’s my job.

    Any ideas?

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