Formula for calculating business hours between two dates in Excel 2007.

By stef.lestat ·
I have a problem calculating accumulated business hours between two dates.

My comapany works 24/7, but we only consider hours of 06:00 - 22:00 mon-fri when calculating timings. So... I need a function that tells me the accumulated business hours in a specific department. I have a formula that does not work correctly (i have noticed only after using it for around a year lol). I think if the start date or end date is on a nonworking day or on a non business hour it is adding the time from that day (or time during non working hours) when it should not. I do not know how to adjust it. Can anyone help.

here is the one i use at present: =IF(AND(INT(StartDT)=INT(EndDt),NOT(ISNA(MATCH(INT(StartDT),HolidayList,0)))),0,ABS(IF(INT(StartDT)=INT(EndDt),ROUND(24*(EndDt-StartDT),2),

Just to clarify here's an example
If i enter 11/6/2008 06:00 in start date and 12/9/2008 14:45 in end date i should get just 22 days. but i get 22 days 8.75 hours (360.75 hours).

Thanks in advance


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Time and Date math is brutal...

by robo_dev In reply to Formula for calculating b ...

Maybe you need to add a conversion factor for the fact that Brits work harder than us Yanks....

here is the 'virgin' version of the formula you're using, for what it's worth:


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Formula for calculating business hours between two dates in Excel 2007.

by sa_renato In reply to Time and Date math is bru ...

This is exactly what I have need. So my daystart is 08:00am and dayend is 02:00am after midnight, because i have 2 shift:

1st shift = 08:00am to 05:00pm

2nd shift = 05:00pm to 02:00am (After midnight)**

** on friday 2nd shift day end 02:00am on saturday.

NOTE: These formulas will not work properly if the working day starts at a later time of day than it ends. For example, if your working day crosses midnight, the formulas will not work properly.







Could you please help me?

Thanks in advanced


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