Fortinet 300A Question , Wndows doubt

By tonyprabu ·
Hi to all,
I would like to know the answer for my two questions. Let me explain about my network.
My network is very small and its not advanced. Contains one Exchange server 2007/Domain controller and one application server with windows 2003 server. All users are in workgroup not on domain. Iam having one proxy server for clients. Certain users have internet facility. My server's local IP for eg. is and my proxy server IP is
All internet users are configured like this
local ip : 192.5.3.**
default gateway:
Dns :

In internet explorer they configured the proxy server address and port 80 for surfing.

The problem is If the user change that default gateway to he will get direct internet connection automatically. How to control this? My server ( has direct internet connectivity which is used to send mails and SMTP is configured.

How to block this? If the user configures with Internet should not go? How to do this?

2. Question:

In this workgroup environment, How to access network computers C drive from my machine?

Your answers are highly apprectiated.
Thanks in Advance.


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Some possible solution

by tw.low In reply to Fortinet 300A Question , ...

Hi Tony,

what firewall are you using at your edge network? I think you can just set a policy allowing only to go internet and only allow to do DNS service only. That should solve your first issue

As for second one, to share say c drive, I will assume your clients are all on XP pro with sp3 and windows firewall allowing file and printer sharing. so all u need is to share the c drive on the client pc and you will be able to access from your pc. A point to note: All your clients and youself are on the same workgroup.

Frankly, i think since you have DC inside, you may as-well deploy a domain as you will be able to do more like group policy (GPO) and make management of your network easier.



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