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Running Microsoft Fortran, long discontinued. Running under WinXP Pro, SP2, Command Prompt subset. Ran this program previously under Dos, very large, subroutines overlayed several times. Two things now happen, getting error "out of memory". I ran the program under an emulator called "DosBox" runs ok but now having problems with the calls to DSRT, DSIN, DCOS, "Domain" errors. Seems like the functions are being corrupted after the first call, etc. Could be a problem with the Dos emulator "DosBox" running under WinXP or? Mystified. How can i get more memory under the Dos subset in Win XP or "DosBox" or??? Anybody have any ideas? Sid Kraft, sid_kraft@msn.com.

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Try running VirtualPC or VirtualBox ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Fortran



With either of these, you can mount a virtual PC within a designated portion of your hard drive, complete with its own virtual hard drive. On this virtual hard drive you can then boot straight to the old DOS environment that you're trying to use from DOSBox.


To all intents and purposes you will be looking at, and using, an old DOS-based PC. This virtual DOS-based PC will have a full complement of the DOS commands structure, including the ones you don't have at present. :)

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