Forward-DNS does NOT match Reverse-DNS?

By MUfferman ·
Our website ( is hosted at on IP address but my e-mail is totally separate and channeled via Embarq T-1 line to our office at IP address We send out 15,000 e-mails a month from our office Exchange Server ( to people who have specifically subscribed to our newsletter.
As I understand it, we're currently blacklisted in some places and have found this as the reason, "WARNING: Forward-DNS does NOT match Reverse-DNS."
My forward-DNS for Zion's Hope is: (the Embarq T-1 line for e-mail).
My reverse-DNS (PTR) exists and states it is:
My Zion's Hope website IP is:
Everything above is legitimate. The Forwarding and Reverse DNSes will never match. How do I resolve the problem without reconfiguring my IP addresses or hosting site?
Thanx for any help you can render.

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Outsource it for $20 a year

by robo_dev In reply to Forward-DNS does NOT matc ...

If it were trivial for you to make your non-matching reverse DNS work, then all the more so for the spammers of the world. Either yours has to be changed to match, or you need to use a third-party mail sender.

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Reponse To Answer

by MUfferman In reply to Outsource it for $20 a ye ...

Thanx for your time.

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See also

by seanferd In reply to Forward-DNS does NOT matc ...
You can be blacklisted for any of the fail/warning messages.

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Reponse To Answer

by MUfferman In reply to See also

Thanx for these resources. I'm checking into them now.

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dyndns = very good

by pgit In reply to Forward-DNS does NOT matc ...

I second the recommendation to use dyndns. Ever since I went with them a slew of troubles disappeared and things have purred along like a box full of happy kittens.

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