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    Forward Exchange internal emails to external email accounts


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    Hi Guys,

    I’ve being trying to solve this problem for a while, but without much success.

    We have an internal Exchange 2003 mail server (@mydomain.local), as well as an external POP3 email hosting service (

    We use the Exchange mainly for internal communications, where we receive emails from the Internet through the external email host. And that’s how the users are setup in thier Outlook 2003, two accounts, Exchange and POP/SMTP.

    I now have mobile users who wishes to get their Exchange emails externally. I tried to forward their Exchange emails to a contact which I create in AD, it works fine but only with an email address with different domain, eg. @mydomain.local(Exchange) -> Contact).

    But the users don’t want to have their work emails forwarded to their personal email account ( and wish to have them forwarded to their work email account (

    I tried changing the email address in the AD Contact, but when I test the method, an error message of “email get bounced between two servers” was returned. I then remove the “” SMTP type in Exchange System Manager – Recipients – Recipient Policies – E-Mail Addresses (Policy).

    But now the emails that are forwarded just disappears! With no idea where those emails are gone, I’m really running out of ideas.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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