Forwarding internal email returning undeliverable

By FloydTheDuck ·
We're currently in the process of migrating a domain (and the exchange mail that goes with it). During the transfer we're having mail auto-forwarded to the new address. But I have a problem, here's the situation. For simplicity, we'll say the emails addresses are and
Now that we're moving bob to the new domain, he is using his address, which works fine. It receives internal and external email. We've setup forwarding on to forward all mail (and keep copy) to The forwarding works externally.
Here's the problem but if I sent an email from to, I get an undeliverable. Here's the error: The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to. Check the e-mail address, or contact the recipient directly to find out the correct address < #5.1.1>

I've checked to make sure the contact records created are typed correctly, and they're not hidden from the GAL. What am I doing wrong?

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What Version

by StealthWiFi In reply to Forwarding internal email ...

Exchange 2003 or 2007?

I am going to assume the users Outlook is hooked up to the new Exchange server.

Does the DNS on the new server still have MX records for the old? And Vice Versa does the old have the records for the new?

If you log into the old server using Outlook Web Access and send the email does it still fail?

Open up Exchange Active Directory Users and Computers and head over to the user Bob. Check the email addresses setting so both are in under SMTP (old and new). Do this on both Exchange servers.

Try that and see where it get's yah then post back.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head at the moment.


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