Forwarding of e-mails to user on exchange server

By JimKlallsoo ·

My company have a couple of hundred call centre users who send mails to an external company e.g. completedenquirires@ ***** .com

What i would like to know is there anyway i can have a copy of all those e-mails sent to my manager?

Any advice much appreciated

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What version of Exchange?

by neilb@uk In reply to Forwarding of e-mails to ...

With 2007 you can set up a journal rule on your hub server

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Exchange 2003

by JimKlallsoo In reply to What version of Exchange?

Thanks for the relpy.
The version of exchange is 2003 again any assistance greatly appreciated

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You can still do it with journaling

by neilb@uk In reply to Exchange 2003

But it's not so easy to set up and it's not so granular as it will copy messages sent to or from a particular mailbox store. That may be much more than you want.

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External E-mail forwarding

by JimKlallsoo In reply to You can still do it with ...

Basically what i want to do is have any e-mails sent externally from my organisation to *** @ also sent to my managers account at our domain.

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You may be out of luck

by neilb@uk In reply to External E-mail forwardin ...

You could do it with some form of third-party device, MailSweeper maybe, but the only way that I can think of for you could do it with your Exchange would be with a Rule in every mailbox.

You can script the addition of Rules into mailboxes but it isn't easy.


I don't know if any other peers might be able to come up with a solution.

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