Forwarding specific emails only in MS Exchange 2003

By mremington ·

I'm trying to forward one users emails to another person in the organization. This is simple enough, however the user that is leaving for a while only needs certain emails that are sent to her address to be forwarded. The emails she needs forwarded are all from the same address. Is there a way to have Exchange forward only specific emails from a certain address and leave all others alone?? Thanks.

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Set a Rule

by IC-IT In reply to Forwarding specific email ...

You may right click on a message from the person in question and set a rule. Use the from and then it will be like on the second page of options (advanced) to forward messages from that person.

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Will her Outlook need to be on and running

by mremington In reply to Set a Rule

Thanks for the quick reply. I've been messing around with the rules for a little while. My question now is does her Outlook 2003 need to be up and running in order to recieve and then process the email for forwarding or will Exchange Server take care of it automatically even when shes gone and her computer is off. Thanks again!

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by IC-IT In reply to Will her Outlook need to ...

The exchange server should recognize the rule and take care of it all transparently.
Her outlook will not need to be on

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by mremington In reply to Server

I appreciate all your help. In the end the other user decided to filter everything herself. Go figure! Thanks again youve been a real help.

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Out of Office Assistant . . .

by acart In reply to Forwarding specific email ...

. . . also has the rules facility + Outlook doesn't need to be running for it to operate

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