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    Forwarding windows file sharing ports in DSL Routers


    by pinnakavamsi ·

    Hello all,

    How to forward windows file sharing ports in DSL modem. I forwarded ports 22, 23, 80 and 3389, they are working fine, I am able to access them from public network. But when it comes to windows file sharing, I am unable to access my share. Actually i forwarded 135 to 139 (TCP/UDP) and 445 (TCP/UDP). Is there are any others ports i should forward.

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      by pinnakavamsi ·

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      Your idea is incredibly stupid

      by segin2005 ·

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      You are proposing that you port-forward the SMB/CIFS ports on your machine so that they are network-accessible, so that you could type in (assuming your IP is “\\\share” to access your files at home.

      This is incredibly stupid to do. A smarter thing to do would to take a gun, point it at your head, and pull the trigger. Exposing your SMB ports to the Internet like that is such a security risk, that I hope some hacker destroys your machine (which they will if you port forward).

      It is such a dangerous and idiotically stupid thing to do that, the reason it is NOT working, is that your Internet service provider has taken the liberty of blocking those ports before they even get to you.

      Hell, four years ago, an article on security says to *disable* Windows file sharing to take care of security risks. The article is here:

      If you really need to access your home machine that bad, there are far better solutions than giving hackers an open door to take your machine over. Use Hamachi, which is a VPN solution primarily target at gamers that want to play LAN-only multiplayer games over the Internet. It’s encrypted and secure so you won’t have to worry about hackers just walking into your PC to steal your data and turn your computer into a spam-creating botnet zombie.

      I have no idea why you would even try this in the first place. You’re Cisco certified – or at least your profile says as much – you should know better than to do something so incredibly dumb.

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        Re: Your idea is incredibly stupid

        by pinnakavamsi ·

        In reply to Your idea is incredibly stupid

        Thx bro for taking so much care about me :). I am doing this for weekend fun. Let me worry about the hacker. he should be stupid hacker in world to hack my computer. Because he finds nothing in my computer. And i am forwarding ports of Vmware VM not the physical host. And no need to hack my PC, i will give my user credentials if any one wants :). Hey dude let me know if you want including my cisco routers rack :). As you said may be may ISP is blocking those ports. I tried Hamachi and Teamviewer , but not satisfied.

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      Harsh but true

      by oldbaritone ·

      In reply to Forwarding windows file sharing ports in DSL Routers

      Segin2005 is harsh, but he’s right, if you do as you ask, you’re just begging to have your system wiped out.

      It may be that your DSL ISP has blocked the file share ports to the internet – if so, you should be glad that “they’ve got your back.”

      If you’re trying to share files within your own network, on the “inside” of the router, you don’t need to open the port forwarding.

      If you’re trying to share with the outside, there are several good options. One is VPN, which is a secure connection through the router. Few DSL routers support this, but it may be available as an option; check with your ISP.

      Another option is SSH – Secure Shell, including PuTTY, tunneling, etc. You establish a secure connection to the machine and send files through the secure tunnel. There are many free versions available, and you only open one port (22 udp/tcp) through the router, and SSH uses certificates and keys similar to SSL – you accept the certificate the first time, and if it ever changes, SSH notifies you and verifies the certificate again before proceeding.

      And for heaven’s sake, please CLOSE THE PORTS and run a virus scan, malware scan and rootkit scan.

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      No probs, i will use FTP

      by pinnakavamsi ·

      In reply to Forwarding windows file sharing ports in DSL Routers

      Hello All,

      Thx for your reply. I installed FTP server. i think it is better solution to access my computer files from out side. any way thanks to all. hey check this out… this is my FTP.

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