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found answer for anyone dealing with the (code 39) issues.

By pcornete ·
here goes:
THERE IS A RESOLUTION TO THE (CODE 39) WITHOUT having to go to the registry and everything else in God?s green earth that they are suggesting. If you are dealing with this, Please read. IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!
After a 4+ hour call with Microsoft and their VISTA Tech support team re: the very issues that everyone has been shouting about, the (code39) errors and 5.1 sound issues, to my, well not so surprised self, the problems have been easily rectified. WITHOUT all the major things that others are stating that needs to be done that not only could cause serious damage to one?s computer, but could give one many headaches and hours of needless grief. So here it goes, and this is a guarantee fix guys that anyone can accomplish.

First, if you have not dealt with this problem yet, then you have not been fortunate enough to have updated the latest update which is in ? to be causing all this problem. So, Do Not allow update for Windows VISTA (KB938194), This update supposedly has much to do with the blue-ray discs and HD issues in the drives & is causing many computers to malfunction and loose the drives all together forcing a code39. You can read more under your updates, just go in there, but don?t hit update now, just highlight and ask for more information. Then highlight the website for even more details on the update. I have decided that no updates will go through for a while with re: to VISTA until I see how it is going out there by checking online. I have checked that I authorize downloads and updates, but the computer is to check for updates still. If all is quiet for a few weeks, then I will give it a go.
This update apparently resolves some compatibility and reliability issues in Windows Vista and by applying this up date, it states you will achieve better reliability & hardware compatibility in various scenarios. It also states after you install this item, you may need to restart your computer. It states nothing about being cautious with regards to the fact that it may deactivate your drives for your CD & DVD?s. Wow, that?s nice of them. Now here comes the real kicker, they are not unaware of all of this. They in fact were not a bit surprised of my dilemma and were extremely helpful in helping to get it resolved. Of course I had several, in fact ?many? issues I was dealing with and had to go at them one by one, which was why the call was so long. But the drives were the easiest issue to resolve. This morning this update accidently came thru, however slightly changed, seems to be ok, but will be watching it all so carefully. Now my updates are changed to ?Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install?.

Check to see if this update has been installed in your updates on your computer. Mine went in on the 31st of August, which was when my drives went out suddenly. You can do this by going to Control Panel, Check on Updates, DO NOT UPDATE THIS VISTA UPDATE. IT has shown to be the cause of CD-&DVD drive errors & Causing Code 39 errors. Even if you uninstall this it will not resolve the issue. Either way, you need to restore your computer prior to the date this all started and then begin watching every move you make and Microsoft makes in hopes it does not occur again. With them being aware of it, hopefully it will not. With you being very aware and watching, you also may find the exact cause. I also found that NERO, was causing issues and I need to buy an upgrade of that, so if anyone has NERO 7 or earlier, check it out, it can cause issues with your sound.

First: Back up all the work that you have done on an external drive from the date that this install occurred or at least from the date of August 30, 2007. You will loose any items that you have worked on or installed in your computer during that time. So I suggest you do this asap before you get too far into doing work on the computer.

Second: Once you have completed your backup, you then will need to restore your computer to the time and date prior to the Microsoft update. I went to Aug. 30, 2007 PM. or when you lost your drives/Code39 appeared.
Close all Programs. Start button & type restore in the Search box of the Start menu & click System Restore to start the System Restore Wizard. Choose a different Restore Point to select a previous Restore point, Click Next. Then another window opens in System restore for you to Choose a restore point. Choose the Date & Time you want the computer to restore to, such as Dec. 30 at 11:30:22 PM. It will also give you descriptions of what was done o your computer on each day, so if you see the exact point that the update was made, then go back one entry earlier to restore. Note that everything after that point will be uninstalled.
This is no different than using the Windows XP restoring points, only I don?t ever recall loosing the installed programs like I did with this. I now know to back up before I do this again and hope it saves anyone else the heartache.
I have my drives back and they are working just fine.

Even my sound seems to be working better, but not 5.1. Which Microsoft stated they are aware of the problem and they are working on it as we speak so to please be patient. They are working with several of the companies that make these specific drives and it should be resolved very soon.

If it is any consolation, and you need the surround sound quality now, I found an excellent third party, (although the point is we shouldn?t be doing this isn?t it!!) but it is: ?SRS Audio Sandbox? Surround Program, (Received ?Best Consumer Software of 2007?) check it out at It only requires the use of two speakers, however it sounds like you have a full army of speakers. Very nice, very, very nice with absolutely no drag or skips. Was quite impressed actually and for the meantime, it is worth the $19.95 for me and no headaches. It did not interfere with my system at all and worked quite well with what I already had. VISTA compatible.

GOOD LUCK and hey guys, CALL MICROSOFT, the more everyone complains, the more we can get some help out here okay. Make them accountable for this product that they are not maintaining very well. Ultimate was not cheap!

Please pass this on to anyone you all know having these problems.

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