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    Found New hardware wizard keeps on wanting to install a uibrain driver


    by pintree3 ·

    Used DriverMax software to find and install drivers needed on my system. One such driver was for Unibrain 1394. The Found New hardware Wizard window showed up and I canceled it because I believed Drivermax was going to do the installation. On reboot the Wizard popped up again. This time I let the wizard do it’s thing BUT it found nothing, so I got the message the my hardware may not function properly and system Devices has it marked as ‘unknown’ and with a yellow questionmark.
    (Strangely enough DriverMax, on the other hand, thinks the driver is installed because it no longer looks for it.)

    A letter to unibrain shows that what this driver is about has nothing to do with anything I have in my PC therefore not needed.
    On the next reboot I pointed the wizard to the inf file from DriverMax and Windows says its not there. I also R-clicked the info file and installed it from there and the wizard keeps on popping up.

    I did an Explorer search for any and all files that have the word ‘unibrain’ in it and nothing shows up so I guess perhaps it’s a registry entry.

    How do I let Widows stop bothering me about this driver?

    OS: Windows XP Home SP3

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