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(found somthing strange)

By peacefulsoul ·
my screen is blurry...
i found out that if i set conrast to '0' and brightness to '100'... white lines appears on my screen. they are spread apart 1 inches fom each other and run from left to right. and they are slightly angle 20 degree. almost as if someone has crack the screen... and as they reach closer to the top of the screen their spaces become smaller reaching 1cm. and the lines dont move at all... and iv notice that the screen is much brighter that normal... foggy

my brother is gonna reinstall the computer and buy a new video card and othr extra stuff...

i want to know if theres any known reason to why the screen has lines like that

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by CG IT In reply to (found somthing strange)

hummm this reminds of the question "can you launch an ICBM horizontally from a submarine"? in which the engineers reply was "Sure, but why would you"

Why would you have the contrast set a 0 and the brightness at 100?

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by peacefulsoul In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to (found somthing strange)

The white angled lines that you see are the retrace lines.

At "normal" brightness levels, these lines are dim enough to not be visible.

I suspect that you have a focus or degaussing problem with your monitor.

A new video card or driver will NOT correct the problem.

To verify that the blurry view is the fault of your monitor, try your monitor on a different PC, and try a different monitor on your PC.

Another potential cause of the blurry image are magnetic fields near your monitor.
Anything with a magnet, or that produces a strong electro-magnetic field that is near your monitor can cause distortion of the image.


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by willcomp In reply to (found somthing strange)

Chas is probably correct, but I have seen fuzzy, out of focus displays caused by video cards. More prevalent in olden days of cheap ISA and PCI cards when nickle squeezing was paramount among white box vendors. Some inexpensive AGP cards can also be less tahn crisp.

I have 4 good to high quality monitors that I use to test and repair systems. Differences in video cards are evident and can be quite pronounced.

Lot of words to say that it might be your card, but probably isn't.

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by peacefulsoul In reply to (found somthing strange)

well my brother bought a new video card and a new monitor and some other new stuff... all better

thankz all...
?(was it because of the fan i had 3 feet away? maybe it was because of a peer-to-peer program i was using... still not sure. but its probly the weak video card

and uh... i set contrast to 0 and brightness to 100 for a test... i wonder how someone didnt understnad that part

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