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    Found, then lost, article: Free Upgrade to Windows 10. Like to relocate it.

    by jacuzzis ·

    Was browsing my email and ran across an article and clicked link within it to see -something like-“20 tips to get Windows 10 working just like you want it” Might not be an exact quote. Anyway, I did a free upgrade some time back and had issues…mainly I’m using a laptop and 10 came with no obvious way to disable “TAP” from the touch pad. I’m terrible at avoiding tapping my touch pad and horrible things happened and kept happening to the system until I finally discovered a way to disable “TAP” There was still another problem, but I can’t remember now what that was…anyway, I had a lot of things that were mainly annoying and didn’t know where to even begin fixing them, much less how. I cloned my backup drive and stored the bad “10” version, which put me back to using a good copy of 7.
    I’d like to try “10” again and would like to try it first by upgrading my current “7” The very first thing I’ll do then is dig out the instructions to fixing the “TAP” issue and go from there. Could anyone remember seeing the article about a free Windows upgrade to “10” from “legal” versions of XP through 8.1? I’d appreciate a heads-up and some directions/instructions if you can get them to me.
    Almost forgot to mention: Clicking to that “20 tips…..” link is what sent me to the TechRepublic sign in page and that’s where I got myself lost from the “10 upgrade….” article. So I’m not exactly certain if the page I left to log onto TechRepublic had anything to do with TechRuplic, or not. I just took a shot at posting this in hopes it may get me some results, and/or help.

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