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Fox News & Holloway case

By onbliss ·
I just can't understand why Fox News is so obsessed with the Holloway case, even now. When the teenager disappeared and it was all over the news I could understand the need for some good coverage.

Even as a parent, I can only imagine the horrors the missing teenager's parents must be going through. And, I do not want such things to happen to anybody. It is simply heart wrenching to lose your kid.

Fox News is a business savvy organization, it must have its reasons to cover the incident to such a degree. Any thoughts on why they are doing this?

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People are watching

by faradhi In reply to Fox News & Holloway case

Fox, like all News outlets, has an eye on ratings.
As long as rating remain high when they broadcast about the Holloway case, they will keep broadcasting. This is also a case that they feel will appeal to their target demographic. Middle to class consertives, 30-50 years of age.

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It brings a troubling question

by onbliss In reply to People are watching

Why are people so much obsessed with such news? Does it seem to them as a Soap Opera or a real Reality Show? The Jim Carrey movie comes to the mind :-(

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In a perfect world

by JamesRL In reply to It brings a troubling que ...

Holloway's murder would get the same attention as the kid who got murdered yesterday in the poor neighbourhood hanging around outside the convenience store.

But in the world we live in, people fixate on lurid details and exotic locations.

Its not just Fox. There was a recent case where an older couple from Toronto went down to Cancun and got their throats slit in their hotel room. The newspapers and TV in Canada were flooded with stories, especially when it appeared the Mexican authorities were trying to fabricate a story and cover up evidence in order to not frighten away tourists. They also tried to blame 2 Canadian single women who were at the same resort but actually checked out and on their way to the airport at the time of the murders.

Murder is always sad, even when its a drug dealer who gets murdered. We recently had 8 bikers murdered in Ontario, and they were not "good" people, but they had families and friends. No murder is justified.


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Because it could happen to you

by jdclyde In reply to Fox News & Holloway case

"Kids" take off all the time for spring break, without a clue as to what can happen to them. The parents give them a visa or mastercard and tell them to have fun.

when you go to another country, and see what can happen, as well as the follow up, it should be an eye opener for all parents out there.

I think there are a lot of parents that watch Fox, and so this has them captivated. Then you add in a corrupt judge and his son at the heart of the investigation and you have a story. (the dad gave the son legal advice contrary to what a judge CAN give to ANYONE, and that was to say nothing which is obstructing the investigation.)

I would be much better prepared to research any place my boys may want to go to for spring break when they get of age (if they chose) to give me a hand in helping to keep them safe.

Mind you, if she wouldn't have been a hottie, this probably would not have gotten the initial attention it did get. pretty people with money make the news.

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by onbliss In reply to Because it could happen t ...

...that it could happen to me or for that matter any parents. But don't you think the story has passed the stage where it taught parents a lesson or two about their kids and life in general?

I also agree beautiful people capture the minds, and it does look like people are now looking at it as just another Soap Opera.

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It is beyond that

by jdclyde In reply to Agreed...

if is the government down there and they way they handled this case that makes it as scary as it is. To lose a child would be horrible, but to never know for sure would have to be so much worse.

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