foxit problem with techrepublic downloads

By mediasellers ·
hello there, greetings from the netherland.
my problem and question is: i deleted adobe, installed foxit. but downloads from techrep. don't come up "driver faillure".
download from techrep. only with adobe??
or did i do something wrong??
thks in advance, kaspar

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by Kiltie In reply to foxit problem with techre ...

I was intrigued, so I uninstalled Adobe Reader 6, downloaded and installed Foxit.
It hums.
Very fast, light and no bloat.
I tested it on some downloads I have on my HD from TR, np. I also tested it from a link in a TR newsletter for a PDF, It opened up with np either, thus showing the the IE plug in worked as well as the stand alone product.

I like it and recommend to fellow TR members to give it a spin too, it was easy to find, top hit in Google. The licence agreement was amazing!!! One of the simplest EULAs I have ever seen. Plain English, none of this legalese crap that nobody except lawers understands. It would be worth checking it out just for thet.

Regarding your problem Kaspar, you said that you deleted adobe. What do you mean? Did you uninstall it, or merely delete it from the HD? in which case it would have left stuff behind in the registry. Even my uninstall left a couple of registry entries, so it wasn't a clean uninstall (many programs are like that, even some of the major players)

Another possibility is that the file association and/or plug in are pointing to Adobe still.

Open Folder Options in Control Panel, select the "File Types" tab, and scroll down to the PDF filetype to check what it is associated with.

Final thought, what Adobe package did you have? Just the reader? or the full suite?

EDIT: Added the bit about the EULA.

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thanks kiltie

by mediasellers In reply to Foxit

thanks kilty. it works fine now! i did what you told me. just changing in file types did the job. excellent advice! tks again.
greetings, kaspar

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