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FoxPro and Printing Charts

By Digiuser ·
Can someone give me a suggestion on how to print charts on a FoxPro report? The report controls don't seem to allow you to use the Charting Objects supplied with VFP, they seem to need to be used on a form. I have also played with Excel, but can't get an Excel chart onto my reports either. I would like to print charts in the summary area of my reports, and offer chart only reports. I got a trial of a program called Smart Chart. It can generate a chart to a JPEG and I can pick that up on a report. Is this the best method? Does someone know another way? Can someone suggest another program similar to SmartChart?

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FoxPro and Printing Charts

by wjlarue In reply to FoxPro and Printing Chart ...

Personally I prefer to use Crystal Reports for all my reporting needs - graphs, sub-reports, data fields embedded in text. If you can think of it - it can probably do it. Well, enough of the selling. I found two references for you that may help. Oneis from Microsoft and the other is from a newsgroup, posted many years ago. I hope they help.

Microsoft Link:

Newsgroup Post:
Michael is right, you can use an ocx control, but that's rather complex. My
favorite method is to use the graph wizard to create the graph as an ole
embedded in a memo field. Then, I use the ms graph designer itself to tweak
the graph to my likings.

The finished graph is stored in a table called "grphtmpl" (graph templates),
which consists of "name" (char 20) and "template" (general). When you wish
to include the graph in a report, you simply create a cursor with a single
general field, append blank, and replace the general field with the graph
template that you wish to use. I have a routine that then updates the data
in the graph, and you can put it in the "title" section of a report.

That's the compressed version. I think it'd make a few pages in print. If
anyone's interested, I can put the "updgraph" function on my Web page or post
it here, or both.

Graphs are a extreme version of underdocumentation in FP & VFP. I had to
go to the knowledge base and chase down about 4 articles, including a help
file to show you how to use them in an OCX container. I'd like to save
everybody else the work.

<<<<End of Post>>>>

Good luck with your project.

Jeff LaRue
Raging Technologies

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FoxPro and Printing Charts

by Digiuser In reply to FoxPro and Printing Chart ...

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FoxPro and Printing Charts

by Digiuser In reply to FoxPro and Printing Chart ...

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