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FP 2002 and XP pro

By TonytheTiger ·
We just installed a new PC for our Web administrator. I installed Front Page complete install taking all the defaults. On her old computer she was able to log on to remote web sites to change them no problem but now she can't when the PC is logged in as her, but she can if the PC is logged in as me (admin priveleges). The symptom is it keeps asking for a username and password, even though she types in the right ones. I looked on Microsoft's knowledge base and found the symptom, but their solution had to do with the WEB root, and that's definitely not the problem.

I bumped her up to power user on the machine but that didn't help. Her old machine was Windows 2000 pro and she was able, but she was on the adminlist for that machine (new policy from higher up says users aren't allowed to be machine admins).

I'm sure the problem is at the machine end, and possibly either registry permissions or some obscure file in the system directory but I have no idea where to start looking.

PS We are in a multi-domain environment (haven't went to AD yet), and the Webs she needs to edit are in a different Domain.

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Just a long shot but

by jdclyde In reply to FP 2002 and XP pro

Is the firewall turned on in her profile and not the Admin?

If the server can't authenticate back to the machine, no login depending on the server.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Just a long shot but

I'm not sure. We're not using server based profiles yet (waiting until all the machines are replaced), so when anyone logs in the first time to the machine, aren't they getting "default user" settings?

Additionally, SP2 has not been applied to the new machines (enterprise policy. All updates come from an enterprise server, not "Windows Update").

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Check the logs

by jdmercha In reply to FP 2002 and XP pro

Check the event viewer on the web server. Do you see any error messges regarding her login attempts?

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Check the logs

I'll arrange to get that info. It's many miles away and I don't have access.

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Got it working, but...

by TonytheTiger In reply to FP 2002 and XP pro

I don't know why. If the user logs on as "Domain\username" it works. But I don't understand why if a domain admin is logged into the PC, the user can omit the "domain\" part, nor why domain admins don't have to use the "domain\" part. (The web server is in a different domain than the user.)

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