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Fractional T1 and DSL

By D. M. Gittings II ·
I have a Fractional T1 line to corporate headquarters to run an application. I would like to set up a local DSL for internet access using a Linksys router. How do I get around having two default gateways?

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by carlos.nino In reply to Fractional T1 and DSL

You'll have to use 2 network adapters.
When configuring TCP/IP for Windows 2000, you can add more default gateways for each network adapter. When a computer is configured for multiple default gateways, all remote TCP/IP traffic that does not match an entry in the routing table is passed to the first default gateway defined for the first network adapter.

Because only one default gateway (the one defined for the first network adapter) is used, you should configure only one network adapter to have default gateways. This practice reduces confusion and assures the results you intended. For example, if you have two network adapters and configure a default gateway for each, the default gateway of the first network adapter is used. The default gateway for the second is used if the first is unavailable.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Fractional T1 and DSL

Don't know what the router on the T1 is hopefully a CISCO continue to use that router as GW and put static routes on it to route network traffice to T1 and the rest to the LINKSYS router like this
IP route SERIAL0
IP router (linksys router local ip address)

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