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Frame Check Sequence Errors

By rcolon ·
How can i go about troubleshooting Frame Check Sequence Errors. I help manage a market data environment with a large number of servers. Our snmp monitoring system has caught several servers with these FCS errors. I have tried having the network interface match speeds of either Auto/Auto & 100 Full, but the errors keep coming up.

Can anyone provide with any ideas?

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by IT cowgirl In reply to Frame Check Sequence Erro ...

Download a free copy of ethereal and use it to "sniff" packets between the switch and the server. You can see where the errors are coming from and going to.
Check to see if Windows load balancing is enabled on these server nics, which causes losts of traffic. Also see if there is a security device like a hardware IPS which grabs packets if they look suspicious and drops them causing FCS errors.

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UNIX server

by rcolon In reply to Ethereal

I forgot to mention that these are SCO unix servers that have 2 network adapters and the adapter that is receiving the errors are on the LAN interface do you know any tools that could be used on UNIX system to find out the cause of these FCS errors. Thank you.

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See below ...

by J.C.Alexandres In reply to UNIX server

Frame Check Sequence (FCS) errors are input error that are aligned but fail the Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC). FCS errors indicate damaged frames. There can be many causes for FCS errors, including flaky in-room wiring, broken Ethernet cards, and cable runs which are too long.

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