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frame relay vs managed IP VPN

By Daygo_171 ·
We are currently using frame relay to connect 27 remote sites to a central host. The cost averages around $230 per site for a DSO. We are considering moving to a managed IP VPN network proposed to us by Bellsouth and AT&T. Has anyone else here made that sort of change? I am concerned about reliability and not having to play the "its-broken-but-not-my-fault" game. When my frame sites go down I know what trees to shake to get it back up in a timely matter.

thanks in advance

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Frame vs. VPN

by dnvrtechgrrl In reply to frame relay vs managed IP ...

We have recently made the opposite move. We've taken our smaller, satellite offices off VPN, and moved them to frame.

There are three main issues that we never could get properly resolved:

1) Connectivity. Is it the parent company or the reseller whose responsible for up time? Sprint vs. SBC? Neither ever wanted control.

2) Equipment. The Cisco 3002 and 831 VPN routers worked very well. However; the concentrator they communicated with was the culprit 99% of the time we had an outage. (And outages happened far too often compared to frame.)

3) We didn't save much money by keeping them at VPN and eventually SOX guidelines wiped out the ability to have two different schema's on one WAN. Our last office will enter a frame state the middle of January. The difference in the bill will only be 70.00 USD a month.

Hope this helps some:

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Frame to VPN

by CG IT In reply to Frame vs. VPN

We went to VPN from frame. DSL static IP and where that wasn't avaiable cable with a static. management asked our boss if it could be done, he asked us and of course being dumb nerds we said sure "but" !!!! he reported back that yeah it could be done and left off the but part we told him about.

We are back to frame. The cincher was when the service went down [SBC area] and management was at that site. Took SBC a day and a half to get the service fixed. Management couldn't do a thing. That was the but part we told our boss which he left off thinking saving $$ would make him look good.

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My biggest fear

by Daygo_171 In reply to Frame to VPN

What you described above is exactly what I am trying to avoid. We rely heavily on frame for the moving of funds. I am yet to see a SLA from any IP VPN vendor as good as the one I have with frame. I have averaged about 4 hours downtime in the past three years.

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