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Framed style Layout..with CSS

By Jaqui ·
Since the standard way of using css and tables leaves a lot to be desired, from the navigation viewpoint at least.

here is an xml/xhtml & css script that creates a framed layout, allowing for navigation to be kept onscreen no mater how much the page content scrolls.
yet it doesn't have the "frames" that a lot of people hate to see.


since it seems that webrefernce.com isn't being reliable,here is the Author's own site,
where he has far more css stuff than just a frames layout, like dynamic menus in css. ( yes, css not javascript )


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Bah! Frames

by smithrichardch In reply to Framed style Layout..with ...

Frames are just plain ugly! I use CSS and Tables together which can make a frame look but I hardly use it.

Nice tutorial you posted up.


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but the

by Jaqui In reply to Bah! Frames

problem with the tabled layout is the loss of access to the navigation for the site.

if your site(s) pages are all only one screen of data ( proper design ) then this isn't a problem, if there is scrolling involved then you are making functionality of the site suffer by losing the navigation links.

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Tables, NO! Frames Worse!

by CaptainS In reply to Framed style Layout..with ...

Frames are a distasteful way of doing websites and should be avoiding like the plague.

And if you are using css then don?t bother with tables.

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Please Elaborate

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Tables, NO! Frames Worse!

I'm overhauling a personal web site. I've seen lots of posts objecting to the use of frames and tables, but none seem to specify why. What's distasteful about them and why should they be avoided?

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it's a result

by Jaqui In reply to Please Elaborate

of people over using them when they first came out, that's why people don't like frames and tables.

this discussion is a tabled layout, as are most sites, and the drawback is evident when you get longer discussions, as well as longer articles, where there are several screens of data to scroll through, with no navigation links in them.

this same attitude is also affecting people's appreciation of flash sites. over used tech kills the appreciation of it.

using a fixed division to keep specific content, like navigation, always available is good for site usability, the heavily nested tables a lot of sites use for layout is just bad coding.

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problem is

by Jaqui In reply to Tables, NO! Frames Worse!

most site designers are using css with nested tables, creating the lousy navigation of a site issue, as well as horrible code.

using css, you can keep any section, like header with site banner and navigation visible in the browser, no tables, no frames, frames functionality.

tables only to present something like the contents of a spreadsheet, where the rows and colums are required. not for general site layout as most seem to be doing... of that's dreamwaever / fronpage doing that.
( better a table than to include a file that the browser cannot open )

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Frames....ARRRRGH !!

by bschaettle In reply to Framed style Layout..with ...

Frames are horrible. They use up precious screen space, and make it impossible for the average user to bookmark specific pages on your site. I could go on, but the bookmark issue alone is a show-stopper for me.

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so does flash

by Jaqui In reply to Frames....ARRRRGH !!

cause nothing but problems for bookmarks.

and javascripted sites.

yet I bet you use both of those without a second thought.

multimedia web design is almost always flash driven, which is bad design from the outset.
if I can't view a site in lynx, then there is nothing on it to view.

lynx, text only browser.

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It's just CSS, not frames really

by rogemarcos In reply to Framed style Layout..with ...

I read the comments and I think that they are wrong. It's a style, not a frame page. I mean that the comments that the members wrote talk about the <frame> tag. And this tutorial don't talk about that.

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by Jaqui In reply to It's just CSS, not frames ...

I know, this tutorial I found and linked to is just pure css in an xml/xhtml page.

no bookmark issues, no loss of screen space to borders etc.

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