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    Frames rendering incorrectly in IE6


    by teufelhund ·

    Here’s the source code for a test page using frames. It is displayed normally using Firefox, but IE6 displays only the header – the rest of the frames are not displayed, they remain blank.

    Does anyone have any ideas why this isn’t working?


    —— Begin Snip ——

    Test Page

    <br /> <body><br /> This pages uses frames but your stupid browser doesn&#8217;t support them.<br /> <script>var rocket_lcp_data = {"ajax_url":"https:\/\/\/wp\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php","nonce":"c8d9552482","url":"https:\/\/\/forums\/discussions\/frames-rendering-incorrectly-in-ie6","is_mobile":false,"elements":"img, video, picture, p, main, div, li, svg, section, header","width_threshold":1600,"height_threshold":700,"delay":500,"debug":null}</script><script data-name="wpr-lcp-beacon" src='' async></script></body><br />

    —— End Snip ——

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      by teufelhund ·

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      You have too much code!!!

      by master_techie ·

      In reply to Frames rendering incorrectly in IE6

      Hi DudleyDoRight,
      Your problem is that you have wrapped extra FRAMESETs around all of your sections. In other words, unless you are going to create another set of FRAMES for any section you do not need to put your FRAME inside a FRAMESET. So you need to delete the FRAMESETs that wraps your headerframe and footerframe. I have copied only the relevent section of the code below. Hope it helps.

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      Due to JavaScript

      by mustafafakruddin_tcc ·

      In reply to Frames rendering incorrectly in IE6

      This is due to the JavaScript. You have not mention the type of JavaScript in mime type. So the browser dose not know. Or just remove the JavaScript and see if the page is Displaying.

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