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    Frameset tags


    by swahmad ·

    hi, i want to open a URL link in frame but also want on top frame with my own banner. just like in hotmail. a user can open a website from current page but when website open it also shows my own site banner at top frame so user be in touch with my website too.

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      by tony hopkinson ·

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      Create a HTML page with a frameset set with two frames in it. Give each fram a name attribute say “Banner” and “Detail”.
      If you want to click in the banner frame and show a page in the detail frame
      then it’s
      blah blah
      In the bottom frame any link will load in the bottom frame anyway.
      Note you need at least three pages. One with the frameset, one with the banner and one with a start page for the user.
      should get the idea across.

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