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freaking drunks.

By Jaqui ·
one neighbor that always gets falling down drunk and scrapes all over from it has been a source of stress today.

only because the bum passed away.

being the one that found him and called **1, I'm suspected ... again.

why is it that I only find dead people when they are banged up?

one police office was really intersted in my barnd spanking new safety toed work boots.

I guess he thought I had kicked the dead guy to death with them.

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Same thing happened to me only 4 weeks ago ...

by Old Mycroft's younger brother In reply to freaking drunks.

The guy next door to me phoned an ambulance for the umpteenth time and this time he didn't make it out of the hospital still alive.

His name was Duncan but all around Tain he was known as 'Drunken Duncan' and within 24 hours of his death there were cops at my door asking if I was surprised that Drunken had died.

When I replied that it hadn't surprised me to learn of his death they instantly became much more officious, saying that they'd have to interview me due to Drunken dying in mysterious circumstances.

I had to point out to them that there was nothing mysterious about the bloke's death - he was a drunk.

Only when the post-mortem had been carried out did they leave his neighbours alone. Cause of death was listed as 'Massive Bleed Due To Liver Failure'.

It's odd to know that my next door neighbour has died and yet I don't feel anything - perhaps if he hadn't been TRYING to kill himself for the last 5 years ...

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by Jaqui In reply to Same thing happened to me ...

if this one had made it to hospital before dying it would be slightly easier. he was already dead when I found him.

until an autopsy is performed, they have no cause of death and the scrapes + bruises on him make it suspicious.

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There is an eerie feeling ...

by Old Mycroft's younger brother In reply to well

When you come upon a stiff. Particularly if you don't expect it.

I reckon you'll be alright once they've sliced and diced and figured out the real cause of death.

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I have been lucky

by jdclyde In reply to There is an eerie feeling ...

not to be the one to find people.

friday, my ex-father-in-law dropped dead after a massive heart attack. Was dead before the ambulance could get there.

While he was no longer my father in law, he was still my boys grandfather, so guess who gets to go to another funeral this week....

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