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Free Antivirus For Small/Medium Size Of Company

By Virgoan ·
Currently my company is subscribing to Symantec antivirus annually! Due to cost saving therefore the management intend to evaluate the free antivirus software instead. If everything is ok then i will need to implement it. My questions are:-
1) For a company < 80 PC/notebook users is it wise to unsubscribe the current antivirus license and run those freeware softwares that downloaded from Internet?
2) Which will be the best freeware solution (antivirus) in the market right now?
3) For a country like Singapore does it worthwhile to implement those freeware just for the sake to save those few hundred bucks yearly?
Please give your valuable feedback and comments on this issue. Thanks in advance.

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Limited Options

by TheChas In reply to Free Antivirus For Small/ ...

Have the manager who suggested the free-ware option actually read the free-ware EULA for the packages they suggested.

For almost ALL of the free-ware anti-virus solutions, you are only allowed to use them on personal PCs as a home user. ANY business use at all violates the EULA. Even a home based part time business!

About the only free-ware anti-virus you can use in a business is the Open Source software ClamWin.

The problem with ClamWin for a business, is that it is a system scanner and not a real-time active virus monitor.

That said, it would not hurt to go out and get quotes from providers including a new quote from Symantec.

Weight the costs carefully. There is no savings at all if a virus gets through and takes even a portion of the PCs down.


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by Virgoan In reply to Limited Options

Precisely! That's not save company money as what i have had in mind initially. I do not believe in FREE software where it usually just a catch!

Heard of "comodo" antivirus before? Any comments on this? As evaluation is part of my duty therefore i do not mind to carry out my task...

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by TheChas In reply to Thanks!

I am running Comodo Firewall on one system and have no complaints.

I have not been able to find the EULA for their free AV to read it in detail.

It might be worth at least trying.

My first key would be how often they update the AV protection database. Any less than once a day would concern me.


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TheChas, can I ask somethin on the comod firewall

by DanLM In reply to Comodo

I run boinc(for seti project), and because of the firewall settings. When ever another dll loads, you are asked if it should be allowed to. Ok, np... But, when boinc loads the screen saver.. roflmao, i'm never there to say yea.. And when I switch to catch the question... I miss it.

Any suggestions?


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Security Options

by TheChas In reply to TheChas, can I ask someth ...

Hi Dan,

Open the Comodo Firewall application.

Click on the Security tab, then the application monitor button.

Click on add.

Browse to the application and if need be, learn the parent.

If you are sure about the application, click the check box to allow all activity.

If you need to specifically allow the DLL, then click on the Components button, select add and browse to the DLL file.


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by Virgoan In reply to Comodo

Please check from here its EULA

Thanks for your valuable feedback on this AV ya...!

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Did not see any exclusions

by TheChas In reply to EULA


In a brief review I did not see any exclusions in the EULA that would preclude you from using it for your company.

Select a few machines for a trial run and see how it goes before rolling it out to all users.


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Evaluation In Progress...

by Virgoan In reply to Did not see any exclusion ...

Yah! Might evaluate for a couple of weeks to months...if this software has been legalized, of course i might tell management to purchase it if the product is really worth buying...Thanks for your advice by the way!

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I was going to ask about comodo firewall

by DanLM In reply to Thanks!

I just installed it, and so far... It's not bad. I went with AVG for anti virus though, I've used that over the years and just like it.

Also, has anyone used the paid version of avg products? avg firewall specifically.

My Trend subscription just ran out, and I didn't like trend. Like I said, I've used avg before. I was going to purchase their security suit... But, I couldn't find any write ups on the firewall.


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I have AVG

by cmiller5400 In reply to I was going to ask about ...

I have the AVG Internet Security Suite. I have used their antivirus for years, but I did not want to keep on paying for ZoneAlarm Pro. I ended up upgrading my license for AVG to the suite for less than what it would have cost for ZoneAlarm. I have had it running for about 2-3 months and have no complaints. The interface seems to be pretty straight forward.

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