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Free Antivirus

By Snuffy09 ·
People often ask me whats the best way they can protect their computer (for free.) I tell them to use AVGfree partnered with Spybot/Ad-aware, and to use windows Firewall if their modem/router does not have one (since most do)

What do you think?

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Thats exactly what I do. <nt>

by JamesRL In reply to Free Antivirus
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Add CCleaner and Malwarebytes...

by DMambo In reply to Free Antivirus

...and you got the best protection that no money can buy.

Although it won't be long before someone suggests not using Windows, but I don't think that where you were going with this.

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Sounds good, but I'd add ThreatFire

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Free Antivirus

Heuristics-based malware detector.

If they're going to use Windows Firewall, they need to do a thorough malware scan occasionally. Windows Firewall only monitors incoming traffic. If the system is already infected, it does nothing to monitor or block outgoing traffic.

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by TheChas In reply to Free Antivirus

I prefer AVAST anti-virus. Like AVG, it is free to home users.

I also install either the free version of Zone Alarm or Comodo Firewall.

AdAware does find and clean some things that SpyBot does not, so it is worth using both.


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Yes, definitly some other Firewall is needed

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Free Antivirus

After trying several, I prefer Kerio Personal, but YMMV.

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AVG 8.5 Free with Malwarebytes work for me.

by drmckinzie In reply to Yes, definitly some other ...

I fix computers for a living for mostly home users. Malwarebytes is the best I've found for removing malware and the popular 'fake alerts' trojans. I install AVG and Malwarebytes free versions. Plus I add CCleaner and Advanced Systen Care with Smart Defrag so users can keep their PCs from getting 'crapped up" after the removal.

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by RookieTech In reply to Free Antivirus

thats wat i use altho having a purchased norton helps when you have to get ride of viruses and wat nots

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Clamwin AV

by DarkHorseSki In reply to Free Antivirus

Personally, as somebody who used to work as a Symantec expert, (and SEP does make a very good product, it's just not free) I found that the sourceforge product, Clamwin, to be VERY useful. Not only did it run on workstations that I could not install SEP on, (at the time it would not run on certain AMD flavors), but it also runs without issues on Windows SERVER versions, which often were not supported by other AV products. Plus, it updates as often as any other product I have used.

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