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    Free Brainbench Tests


    by bfilmfan ·

    Brainbench is offering free assessment tests on their site. There are over 450 different tests that you can take that cover all manner of IT subjects, as well as others such as English grammar and language skills.

    And yes, there is indeed one for Active Directory!

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      Are these recognized?

      by cuteelf ·

      In reply to Free Brainbench Tests


      I was told by one person about this Brainbench, and I have a few tests under my belt.

      I’ve only seen 2 other people have it on their resume and the Job Placement people have never heard of it.

      Really, is BB a way for IT to know if you know? It could be that i’m in BumfcukAlaska and we dont know anything :P. How used is this as a gauge?

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        BrainBench Clients

        by bfilmfan ·

        In reply to Are these recognized?

        Their client list includes:

        General Motors
        The Office of Personnel Management (and I do recall exchanging email with a certain le femme fatale geekette about federal government opportunities. 🙂 )
        BlueCross Blueshield of Florida (which is one of the largest BlueCross BlueShield organizations. Since they adopted the usage of Brainbench, other state organizations are using it too. Anthem BCBS is another big user).

        I’ve consulted with all of those organizations since 1998 and they have all heavily used Brainbench to screen and qualify candidates.

        I have some compatriots at NASA, Wells Fargo and IBM who also have told me that they use Brainbench as one qualifying tool.

        And the Brainbench certifications are usually have more real-world application of the technology questions than some of the vendor tests. So yes, it is a qualifying tool.

        And like every other qualifying tool, it is just that, a tool. It doesn’t address an engineer’s skills at being a team member, taking direction, dealing with clients, resolving issues in a timely manner or the hundreds of other skills they need to be a success. It simply tells someone hiring an engineer that this engineer has enough knowledge and experience with the product to pass a test.

        I recall when someone asked me if I had an A+ about 9 years ago and I actually laughed, as I had been in the field for over a decade then. Did I go out and get an A+, oh you betcha, since people doing hiring are often impressed (and that is another whole discussion!) by lil pieces of paper that say you are qualified.

        But with the tests being free, I’d advise everyone to just peruse the offerings at the very least. Certainly beats watching dis-reality TV…

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        are you

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to Are these recognized?

        sure you aren’t in west bumfuc% alaska?

        or even north?

        cause if it was central Oz would be lining beside you. 😉

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          by cuteelf ·

          In reply to are you

          Southcentral FumBuckAlaska….anchorage, kenai peninsula, mat-su valley…etc

          We have milder weather here due to coast…i dont live in igloos, that’s up on the slope/barrow.

          Southeast ak: juneau, ketchikan, wet wet wet and did I say wet? rainforest and trees bigger than oz.

          Tok is the closest town to Canada, also Whitehorse/Deadhorse. Been many many years…

          OOps now Oz knows where I am! eeek eeeek run run runaway!! He’ll tie me up with Cat 5!

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          Tied Up with Cat 5

          by bfilmfan ·

          In reply to Southcentral

          Make sure he pays top dollar consulting fees before you let him do that…


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      PIN for free assessment tests?

      by wordworker ·

      In reply to Free Brainbench Tests

      Is there a PIN we can use?

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