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Free Business Process Modeling from two companies

By Dr Dij ·
For all you who want to learn new skills to avoid being outsourced to India (which is itself being outsourced to China and the Phillipenes amd Bulgaria, and who will eventually be outsourced to the kingdom of Mustang in the Himalayas, and the Kalahari Bush peoples :)

Anyway all the 'trendy' reports say Business Analysts will be in great demand, and much as I hate trendy reports, it sounds likely, as these are practical people who are engaged in defining how the biz works, not just coding it into applications.

Tibco, the big SOA vendor, has free 'business studio' for modeling and simulation studio available for download. ( of course)

and I found another one that 40,000 people have downloaded,, 66 megs

Both require you fill out a bit about yourself. You can just tell the salesperson who calls you are interested in finding out more for your self.

1/3: found another one!, UML 2.1 free modeler from telelogic for application diagrams (

Dang! found yet another, has one that is open source BPMS. They make money off support. I'm sure this would make Apotheon very happy. 88 megs; 110 megs for server.

Interesting article about these companies on, editors choice awards.

Would anyone like to do an article about the products?

Anyone using these yet? Would like to hear how they work and what you think of them. I'm tempted to start using these instead of flow charts for some things that it would be appropriate for, such as showing salesmen how some processes work, where a flow chart might be too technical.

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TIBCO and Sawion

by augustine_wong In reply to Free Business Process Mod ...

Hi, I downloaded both few days ago and have tried them.

Both have limitations but TIBCO is better and has more features, eg. branch to sub-processes.

But, both have problems with linking inputs-outputs from/to processes. I'm still trying and please let me know if you want more info.

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i agree

by rohinkhurana In reply to TIBCO and Sawion

yup i agree, i am using both...but found TIBCO to be better...intalio looks like TIBCO's lesser cousin ..

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Free BPA tool - ADONIS:Community Edition

by zbigniew.misiak In reply to TIBCO and Sawion


You may also want to try ADONIS:Community Edition - free version of a professional business process management toolkit ADONIS. It allows process modeling (also in BPMN), analysis and simulation. Results of your work can be exported as documentation (HTML or Word) or shared as XML files (export/import). There's also BPEL export.

For free download, documentation and support forum please go to

Best regards,


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Happy Holidays, Spammer.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Free BPA tool - ADONIS:Co ...
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EA by SparxSystems Supports BPMN

by david.bioform.rains In reply to TIBCO and Sawion

Should give EA a try. Cheap and very powerful. No support for simulation at this time that I know of, but does support add-ins,etc. So maybe that's something the Ea community might want to talk about...


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