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Free Cellphone!!!!!

By cmiller5400 ·
If you qualify.

I saw this add on the TV last night. What are your thoughts about giving away a free cellphone to eligible persons for "emergency" use. In Massachusetts you get 80 minutes a month. It looks like you can go buy Tracphone minute cards and add them to the phone as well.

I am kind of on the fence about this. Wouldn't it be best to charge them a nominal fee say $5 bucks a month, that way tax payers don't have to front the entire cost?

I'm all for providing necessary services, but cellphones are still a convenience. Or am I wrong?

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Better than having them go to waste

by mschenkel In reply to Free Cellphone!!!!!

Seems like it could be a pretty good idea in the sense it makes a nice "home" for phones which might otherwise end up in the trash.

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Even a nominal fee can be a lot to needy people.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Free Cellphone!!!!!

Five bucks a month might not seem like much to a lot of people but speaking as one who has been on a very tight budget, for what seems like forever, five bucks can make the difference between having some hot soup and not eating. I'd rather eat and take my chances that I wouldn't need an emergency phone. <br><br>
Put a fee on it and the people the program is supposed to help probably wouldn't get it.

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So true...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Even a nominal fee can be ...

Been there, done that. Have the bumper sticker, tee shirt and coffee mug. :)

I guess my main point is that is a cell phone considered a convenience or a necessity these days?

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In some areas

by ganyssa In reply to So true...

pay phones have been removed on the assumption that 'everyone has a cell phone.'

Even the emergency call boxes on Michigan highways have become 'Call **1 from your cell phone' from the signs that I've noticed.

I'm not sure if they're exactly a necessity, but the inconvenience of not having a cell phone is becoming greater as time goes by.

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I know a homeless man that has a cellphone.

by OnTheRopes In reply to So true...

I asked him why he needed that and he just looked at me like I was stupid. He has to have a number where he can be reached by different agenices, possible employers and a way to call friends of his if he needs a ride across town or is in desperate need of shelter. Does he 'need' his phone? He thinks he does. He's got one of those pay as you go Tracphones <sp> and I have his number on my cellphone just in case I come across an odd job that he can handle.<br><br> Having a cell phone definitely makes his life easier.

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Now OTR that is so wrong

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I know a homeless man tha ...

I only feel Homeless I do actually have a home even if I'm hardly ever there.

But I'm probably the opposite I hate Cell Phones with a vengeance probably because I had to carry a pager all the time many years ago and it wasn't a Convenience for me though it may have been for others who wanted me to fix their stuff. Today I'm selectively deaf when it comes to Cell Phones and while I do carry one I'm flat out using it more than once every 3 or so months. I hate the things as they are just a updated pager that I see as an attempt to ruin any free time I may get. My Daughter in Law thinks that I'm Weird for not having multiple Cell Phones just like her but honestly I draw the line at having one phone charger in the car let alone 2 or more.

I don't want to carry a Camera or MP3 Player with me all the time though I must admit that one of the new ones with a GPS in it may prove useful if it is as good as the GPS I have fitted in the car.


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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Now OTR that is so wrong

thinks you're weird for sake of perversity. That cell phone thing of yours? Just a symptom.

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I'm not weird I tell you

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Davette

But some of my customers are really Weird. I have to go out tomorrow to look at a 18 month old NB that I supplied that isn't reliably sending Copies of E-Mails.

Apparently if Attachments are included some recipients can open them and some can not and then the next day a person who could open something can no longer open any new E-Mails from this guy.

This person also can not tell the Difference between Outlook and Outlook Express and constantly calls one the other and so on so I'm totally confused. I guess that instead of spending hours trying to sort out what is happening here I'll find that he has just messed up a setting hopefully.

Though this is the same guy who insisted that he had all of his Install Disc's and then handed me his phone when I asked what Model it was, I did however say that Black wasn't a Model but the color of the phone.

But I suppose I shouldn't complain too much at least he hasn't hit me with any I Pod Problems yet. Before taking on this company I had never so much as looked at an I Pod and I'm almost an Expert on them.


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LOL -- Ipod issues

by w2ktechman In reply to I'm not weird I tell you

dont get me started :0

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more than 1 cell phone???

by The Scummy One In reply to Now OTR that is so wrong

are they used for different things or something? Or is it that she cannot pass up[ a deal when she sees one? If the latter, keep her away from the phone stores (and electronics stores altogether) (well, all stores and online as well).

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