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Free disk space calculus by XP

By jj.vergier ·
My C: (system) partition seems to contain 6,22 Go but when I add up the space taken by the folders appearing in Windows Explorer, that amounts to 4,33 Go only (figures given by Windows Explorer "properties").
How come there is a difference ( and a noticeable one by that) ?
That prevents a proper defragmentation...

FAT32 partition, XP SP2, installed over WIN98SE, explorer set to display all the files, "1024" conversion rate taken into account.

Thank you for your help !

Jean-Jacques Vergier

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Free disk space calculus ...

I think that you'll find that the main discrepancy is to do with Hidden Folders not being shown by Explorer. Also with a FAT 32 file system you'll have quite a bit of Slack Space on the HDD it would be much better to convert the drive to a NTFS Partition.

You can do this by clicking on start then run and type in convert Drive_Letter: /ntfs /fs. You'll be prompted to either reboot the computer now or schedule the conversion on the next reboot. Either way you'll convert the drive to a NTFS format and not loose any data.


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by Sue T In reply to Free disk space calculus ...

I agree with answer #1 but would like to add that in folder options it is not enough just to say SHow hidden files and folders. you also have to uncheck Hid protected operating system files which is a couple below the Show hidden files and folders.

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by jj.vergier In reply to Free disk space calculus ...

Thanks for your answers, I'll try to switch to NTFS. I'm going to make an image of my partition first...

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It's beaucose this two hidden windows files: pagefile.sys and hyberfil.sys.

by diego8445 In reply to Free disk space calculus ...

Hi Jean

The explanation of the missing space might be this two huge windows file:

- pagefile.sys used as virtual RAM memory.
- hyberfil.sys used to the hibernate function of your pc

This files take a big part of your disk (in my case 1 Gb of my 4 Gb HD).
The first one can be deleted but the second is essential to windows although it can be moved to other hard disk if you have one.

However see how to get rid of them in:
for hyberfil.sys

to pagefile.sys (in spanish)

CEO of the SOJODER company.

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