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Free Domain registration?

By toejoe2k ·
I've been looking into this Microsoft Office Live basic for a friend who cannot budget for domain registation and site hosting services. The "basic" version of this service is said (by Microsoft) to be free...even after the beta testing period.
I was wondering what the catch is and the only thing I find is that there are some small ad banner areas that will run on some pages. I was worried about ownership rights to the domain name but, that was also addressed and you don't lose the domain rights when you leave the MS Office Live service.
Does any have any experience utilizing this service or any educated input on what one could expect? What is the downside to this? If there is no other catch, then what a sweet deal for someone on a very fixed budget. Suggestions and comments very much appreciated.

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get a lawyer

by apotheon In reply to Free Domain registration?

Have a lawyer look over all service agreements for something like this with Microsoft.

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My Experience

by jdmercha In reply to Free Domain registration?

I've been playing with it for a while now. It is well worth the price. If you are concerned with SLA's, performance issues or custom web applications, then stay away. But if all you want is a domain name, a web presence, a simple web site and an email address, then it delivers all of that.

The limitations are that you have to have a credit card to set up a domain. Even if that card does not get charged you still have to have one. And you are only allowed one domain per card.

You won't be able to do much with ecommerce, as the web features are limited. Even building a web form is problematic. Though you can create a feedback form that will send an email. If all you need are basic html pages then it is fine.

You will also need to register and use hotmail for the email accounts. You can check out my site at http://jmx5.com

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