Free Informatica Powercenter Training Materials?

By TheGooch1 ·
I recently had Informatica Powercenter 8 installed on my work computer, but we do not have any local resources for training, and my company will not pay for any. So, I am wondering what free resources ( Web pages, PDF's, etc ) are available to help me get up to speed on this program.

Currently, I have access to the development side of my company's installation of Powercenter, so I can use step by step examples, also.

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Training materials

by tappy0814 In reply to Free Informatica Powercen ...

If you have installed Informatica server and client tools, you should already have the documentation installed along with it. Look in your installation folder and you should find the PDFs there.

If by any change the pdfs are not already installed... then,
assuming your company has a licensed product with support contract, you can download the documentation from informatica support website.

Good luck,

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by nancy_01 In reply to Training materials

hey can you please give me some of the documents related to informatica

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There's also

by Dr Dij In reply to Free Informatica Powercen ...

the informatica e-learning you can buy online on informatica site.

They don't have many of them. There's an overview, $160 & some on the metadata. And I think some more. They are a good start before you take classroom training. I don't particularly like the format of playing a flash video as it is a hassle to have to pause to digest a topic and they keep playing after the quiz to show you the answers before you are ready.

Most other CBT (e.g. the Cognos cbt) I've seen do individual pages where you click next when you've digested it and have multiple choice (with one or multiple options correct), 'where do you click' on screen-shots, drag multiple choices to their correct category, fill in the blanks, etc. to make sure you're paying attention.

Cognos even shuffles the questions on the end of course CBT. Made it harder and that much more fun to me. I kept retrying till I understood every question.

There are probably also 3rd party training places like there are for Cognos. And as people have suggested, read the manuals PDFs.

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Pause the flash player

by tappy0814 In reply to There's also

You can click on the pause button on the flash player and pause it if you need more time to study a screen. You can also pull the slider back if you want to go back to prev screens.
Search the web for informatica certification. You will find some sites, groups that may help. I came across a lot of interview questions that test your knowledge. Something is better than nothing.

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I know you can pause it

by Dr Dij In reply to Pause the flash player

just not the way I like to do courses.

and I'd prefer scored questions, lots of them, so I can think thru the answers.

It just seemed cheezy like many cheap honda ads. Their product is OK but many of their ads actually cheap/ cheezy.

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Brainbench test

by tappy0814 In reply to Free Informatica Powercen ...

Brainbench has a test. Although it is version 6, it may be something you want to try. It is not free though.

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It could be

by Dr Dij In reply to Brainbench test

you get some of the brainbench tests for free with IEEE or ACM membership. DOn't remember which one, tho should be on their website.

DOn't know if that test is included.

Brainbench also offers yearly subscription if you take alot of tests.

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Getting started

by tappy0814 In reply to Free Informatica Powercen ...

Start with the 'Getting Started Guide'. It has all you need to get your feet wet. Step by Step tutorial to sources, targets, build mappings, sessions, workflows, run them.
You may need your admin's help in setting up relational connections on the server if you dont have rights to create connections.

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by business.rag In reply to Getting started

This blog contains a gud listing of informatica tutorials

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Free Informatica Powercenter Training Materials?

by sherriadame123 In reply to Free Informatica Powercen ...

You can try free Informatica PowerCenter training at .

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