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    free pc support services


    by maxiti ·

    Iam a A+ student with lots of on the job training in pc support. i would like to start a free pc support service in my town so that apart from helping to solve people’s pc problem, i can also build up on experience, as i would eventually set up own business. is it viable idea, and would already established business feel threatened as a friend told me.

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      you tell me

      by kdsaks ·

      In reply to free pc support services

      I’m pretty much an “ordinary” PC user, and I feel your idea is a good one, however I hope you can manage to finance this venture without using the typical avenues of advertising, marketing, etc. that annoy my computer and I every day. If you can do that and succeed, you’ll probably be the first in Internet history.

      Anyhow, if you want some start-up business, I’ve got a question for you, and I wonder if you may answer.

      When this computer was given to me from my father, it’s initial use was in an office setting, and was networked to several other computers on a T1 line. Well, I have no idea how to configure a computer to be on a network, and I don’t really have any need to at this point. Every time I open windows, a prompt comes on for my password, and for over a year now I have pressed cancel every time. It’s not that big of a hassel, considering it’s become a habit, but I have been experiencing problems with my computer and explorer, and wonder if these previous settings left unchanged may have any effects?? Do you think they may? And if so, what can I do to get this thing back to normal?



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        Free support issues…

        by wabbyl ·

        In reply to you tell me

        First, I would like to address the original post: A free PC support service would be a fair way to gain experience, but bear in mind that you will still be responsible for anything that you break, or, more importantly, any data that you lose. Also, the success of this largely would depend on whether you have plans for making money with this “free” service somehow. If you plan to JUST do the work for the experience, and only make people pay for their hardware upgrades or replacements, then sure, that’s a good enough way. But if you have plans for making money at it through some sideline of advertisements or something, don’t make any big plans. I don’t think other service groups will be worried, because most people will not go for your service until you make a name for yourself, because they won’t believe that someone who does not charge is really competent. Though you will have some customers, because they either cannot afford to pay another technician, or because they are cheap.

        For KDsaks, it sounds like you have either Win95 or Win98. Depending on how big these ‘problems’ are, you may be needing to back up your data and reimage the computer (wipe the hard drive and reload Windows). The networking configuration is not going to cause you to have problems just because you are not on a network. To rid yourself of the login prompt, though, you need to right-click the “Network Neighborhood” icon, then click “Properties”, then change the selection in the drop-down list labeled “Primary Windows Logon” to “Windows Logon” instead of “Client for Microsoft Netowrking”, reboot, and, if you are still prompted for a password, press [Enter] instead of [Escape] without typing a password. If that does not work, type in a new username and no password.

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        Reply To: free pc support services

        by maxiti ·

        In reply to you tell me

        As you may know, having the need to put in a password when you log on is a necessary hassle that you may not appreciate now. It is there to protect you and your computer and all the info that you take hours to put together from careless or even people with malicious intents. We hide too many secrets in our pc?s to allow unwanted people access. And as you say that you now enjoy the habit, I wouldn?t bother with it.
        In case that you really don?t want the bother, the one option would be to re-install the OS and then to leave the dialogue box where you put your password and name blank during network identification prompt. this would indicate that whoever logs in at any time is a default user. No more need for password.
        Coming to the problems with computer and explorer (is it internet or windows?). try running scan disk and defragmentor. This would be very effective if you run the utilities in DOS.
        With reservations, I don?t think the previous settings have anything to do with your present problems. Just in case, make sure you remove all unwanted baggage like user files and other programs you do not need. And please, clean up your system every time you can with disk clean up.
        I hope your machine is windows based as this is where all the above advise is gonna apply.
        Seek a second opinion!!
        All the best

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      Go low cost not free

      by thechas ·

      In reply to free pc support services

      Even when learning, your time is worth something.

      Set up a fee schedule of small token amounts for specific services, and a per hour rate for others.

      If part of your goal is to help users who cannot afford to maintain their PCs, check with local school systems and social agencies.

      You could teach a few basic PC classes, or work on setting up donated PCs for the use of low income people.

      Not only will you not have to support the overhead of your venture, but you will have tangible experience and one or more actual persons to use as references.


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        by maxiti ·

        In reply to Go low cost not free

        i want to thank all for the valuable advice. to borrow chas’s words, there are many school and social services that may actually benefit from my plan and vise versa. will tell you if it works .

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      Reply To: free pc support services

      by djent ·

      In reply to free pc support services

      No good deed goes un punished. The value of your advice is proportionate to the cost.

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      Your Time is valuable too

      by toprockit ·

      In reply to free pc support services

      You may lose a lot of weight by not being able to afford food while you give away your services.

      I agree that experience is a good thing to have, but not at the expense of providing yourself with bare essentials.

      Charge something reasonable for your time and give your Clients the very best service you can provide. They will appreciate getting their problem resolved and you will rightfully earn some coins.

      Good luck on your plans for a new business I this helps.

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