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Free POS and why it makes sense in business

By mlkiely ·
twenty + years ago everyone thought Bill was off his nut when he offered affordable software which anyone could install on thier own hardware. Now we see an entire planet hooked on his idea.Now Netscape would not exist if not for a free roll out model in reality most mass marketed products start out as a free trial basis and once you are hooked.Why then has industry managed to avoid free software for business POS and even more important why has it taken this long for developers to figure out the money is behind the services not the software applications.If anyone has a better idea or an actual web enabled POS then we should talk.

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They are available - just look.

by FelixOrtiz In reply to Free POS and why it makes ...

There are any number of Free POS systems that work available out there. All you have to do is look for them in the right places.

Here is a link to a handful of them . Incidentally I have one customer of mine running his restaurant on nTPV (Listed on the prior link but here is the direct link to their site - I understand that you are looking for free but I should mention that QuickBooks POS while not free is exceptionally well priced and they have their own line of hardware (Barcode scanners, cash drawers, etc.) that are also well priced and work very well.

Just my $0.02 worh.

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Free restaurant & bar POS software

by Restaurant4U In reply to They are available - just ...

Another free POS system that is geared towards restaurants is available at

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My offering

by david.proffitt In reply to Free POS and why it makes ...

Can I just mention my own offering in this context? Visit for an entirely free POS system complete with lifetime support.

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POS is protected to protect the industry

by Oz_Media In reply to Free POS and why it makes ...

In most cases I've seen, with the exception of small companies using Red Beam or BarTender, custom POS applications are written as needed. Others will customize existing/distributor software or even create simple scratch progs themselves.

POS management goes so far beyond the POS software that the software is pretty much irrelevant though. This is what makes people invest in their own customized software so that it works well beyond the realm of retail offerings and actually conform to the company's needs.

As for why it isn't free, MOST POS software is not available direct from teh manufacturer, the manufacturer has a POS distributor who in turn sells it to the reseller then the end user in turn. Many POS manufacturer's have locked websites that can only be accessed by the distributor also. The issue is one of conformity.

If Seagull Scientific (BarTender) starts dealing with end users, what's to stop Symbol, Metrologic, Epson etc. from doing the same with their hardware?

Epson POS hardware (printers, pole displays) is ONLY available from distributrion channels (thus protecting their industry from lowball retailers who sell on price), but not direct to the end user. The POS industry is tied in with the AIDC and RFID industries too tightly to allow one manufacturer to go direct to the end user.

If the software manufacturers (reputable ones with good, reliable products) were to offer it for free, the industry would be destroyed very quickly.

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Old Old Message

by rdubrey In reply to POS is protected to prote ...

Well support and the people to back up the product with R &
D responding to the changes and needs in the
Hospitality/Retail Industry is very important. That is
something I don't think would happen with Free POS
software. You have to have a revenue stream to make a
business viable... people forget that. No income why do it....

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Free POS: Bossmiles POS Business Solution

by spoon In reply to Free POS and why it makes ...

May I suggest you to test drive Bossmiles POS?

Here is the URL for your reference:

This software is free of charge. However, it is flexible and scalable to fit requirements of large retail chain. In addition to ordinary retailers, it also works for spa & beauty and restaurants verticals.

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Free Web Based POS is the Future of Retail Industry

by Karlo.A.Tablizo In reply to Free POS and why it makes ...

I agree with you mlkiely. I recently
stumbled into a free web based pos that has
all the functionalities + its free.

I am using it and i like it very much.
Welcome to the Free world

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