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Free Security Tools - Why ?

By valoisr ·
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I use some free security tools - AVG, CCleaner - but somehow feel somewhat uncomfortable that I'm being spied on.

The recent assemblage of "Ten Free Security Utilities ..." put together by TechRepublic is really quite amazing.

I don't consider myself a paranoid type however, how can someone with the talent, expertise and time required to develop these programs do it all for free ???


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They don't.

by dawgit In reply to Free Security Tools - Why ...

They eat too. Useually they will have a 'beefier' or 'super' version of their software that they do sell, and make $'s with. There are some that are simply supported by donations. You will see that plea some where on their web-site. If you use their work, and like it, sent them a few $'s. The concept is 'sharing', it's how this computing stuff got started in the first place. Sharing and colaberation. Works good too, when the legal people, politions, stay out of the way. -d

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The free version of AVG

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Free Security Tools - Why ...

is a single machine cut down.
Us guys use it at home, then may use the paid for version at work. The cost of building and release managing it has got to be negligible compared to the market gain and free 'advertising'.

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by Locrian_Lyric In reply to The free version of AVG

Linus Torvaldis isn't starving these days, is he?

Alot of these free apps are written to build resume's and cinch interviews.

"so, tell me a little about yourself:"

"Well, I designed XYZ app that is a very popular tool"

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It's a good way for a newbie to get something to put

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to AND...

on their cv/resume so the have a chance at that 10k job requiring a masters and 15 years experience as well.

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