FREE Spy/Monitoring Software Suggestion?

By shozis ·
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Hi there,

I'm desperately looking for a free Windows 10 software that I can use to monitor another computer.

An ideal option would be a software that secretly records a video of all the activities, and stores it on the monitored PC.

Another option would be something like Teamviewer where I can see all the actions on the second computer, but so that the user on the monitored PC doesn't know I'm monitoring him.

I don't mind that the application appears in task manager. What's important is that there are no icons on taskbar and no windows are opened unless I press a combination of keys to open the hidden software window.

To ease your concerns I'll explain the situation: my father has been a compulsive gambler for over 30 years, but it only came to light recently when we found out about his huge debt to loan sharks and the fact that he traded in both family properties for loans and also started stealing family jewelry to sell it to pawn shops.

Now, we paid of all his debt and cut off his income, but there's still a risk that he'll find some loan sharks again and will bet the money in sports betting website. So I need to somehow remotely monitor his account at this betting website to know if he isn't depositing large sums of money to his account and stop it before it grows into another huge debt that our family has to deal with.

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