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    Free virus protection


    by cakell01 ·

    Today I saw the availability of VCatch. How does one determine if this is a good free product that performs as advertized OR if it opens a back door for eventual problems?

    Thinking you are safe when you are not is really dangerous!

    Suppose a terrorist group creates such a free product and it becames widespread. What problems would that cause?

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      by microbuff ·

      In reply to Free virus protection

      I think when it comes to security of a network, we must have a security plan and
      abide by it. This would include never, upon never install any free item or Beta or even something you are just thinking of using on a
      production server or PC. If you have to make up a test PC or server. My company writes security plans for corporations. If you don’t have a FAQ or rule set in stone you need to develop one first. This way everyone knows what it is.

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