Free virus scanner

By petryss ·
Can anyone tell me a good free virus scanner

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Without knowing your particular operating system,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Free virus scanner

I'll go on the assumption it's at least Windows XP or later, and recommend MSE,
Microsoft Security Essentials. It's pretty good at detection rates, doesn't use much
in system resources, and doesn't intrude or slow your system down the way others
seem to. Keep the definition files updated at least weekly and it operates quietly
in the background.
Others I've used and recommended include Avira and AVG. However, the past 3
years or so I've found MSE to be very good!

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Reponse To Answer

by petryss In reply to Without knowing your part ...

I have MSE now but my computer seems slow and everytime I scan for virus' it finds no problems. I was wondering if maybe it really isn't working.

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Reponse To Answer

If your computer seems "slow", then it could be something other than
a virus. Yeah, I know, all those ads that claim your PC is slow because
of a virus or bad registry...they are bunk. What you may need to do is
a good general "housekeeping"...empty your temporary internet files,
empty the recycle bin, then run the defrag. Without knowing the
specifications of your system, it could be something simple like needing
more RAM installed, or something serious such as a hard drive getting
old and wore. Anyhow, empty those items mentioned, defrag your hard
drive, and see if that helps. Then look at what apps you are launching
at start up...a lot of stuff seems to think you always want to run the app
when you rarely use it. We can work on that if needed!

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Free virus scanner been using it for years and love it. there's also AVG, just as good as avast

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TrendMicro House Call

by jvfalcone In reply to Free virus scanner

Trend Micro House Call is a pretty simple and easy to use tool that we used until we went with their full client. Here is the link,

Other than that, I would agree that MSE is a great one as well.

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List of free clients

by jacoberdei In reply to Free virus scanner

There is no shortage of decent free clients out there. Keep in mind some do not offer live up front protection while others (almost All) are stipped down versions of the paid client. Personally I like to keep my computer secure and pay for a antivirus client. That said here is my line up

Microsoft Security Essentials: Free from Microsoft. Live Protection, good updates. Possibly the best out there.

Avast: Good stuff, live protection

AVG: Paid version is a ton better

Malwarebytes: Great free client. Paid version is far better. Still this is my favorite secondary client as it works great and I can easily disable it and run a scan once a month or so. Works great at removing viruses as well.

All these clients are also listed at along with better descriptions and several other free clients.

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i should have added

by PurpleSkys In reply to Free virus scanner

you mention that your system is running slow. Have you cleaned your temp files/cookies? If not, try running ccleaner . After that, try running malwarebytes . You should run them in safe mode for better results.

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